Blueberry bush: maintenance tips

An easy-to-grow shrub. The sweet blue fruits are abundantly harvested from vigorous plants that last for several years.

Maintenance tips: Blueberry plantMaintenance tips: Blueberry plant

Common name: Blueberry bush


Full sun, sheltered from the wind.


Keep soil humidity constant. Wild blueberries cannot tolerate either too much or too little water. Avoid watering late in the fall, unless the soil is very dry.


Plant in spring, in acid soil rich in organic matter, well drained and with a pH between 4.5 and 5. Avoid breaking roots. Space plants 1.5 m apart. Best production with 2 or more plants. Best fruiting with 2 varieties.


Use a berry fertilizer.


Harvest when most blueberries are fully ripe, depending on variety.

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