Delivery methods for online shopping

In-store pickup at PBIn-store pickup at PB

In-store pickup

Thousands of products are now just a click away! Order online at and pick up your order in store in just a few hours.*

Free parcel shipping at PBFree parcel shipping at PB

Parcel Delivery

Get free parcel shipping on online orders of $49 or more before taxes!

Delivery by PB truck Delivery by PB truck

PB Truck delivery

Shopping online for large items? Don't worry, you can take advantage of Potvin & Bouchard truck delivery today!

Buy online and pick up in store

Thousands of products are now just a click away! Order online at and pick up your order in store in just a few hours.*

How does in-store pickup work?

It’s easy! To take advantage of in-store pickup, make your purchases at after selecting a participating store. If a selected product is available for this option, a green check mark icon will be displayed by the free in-store pickup option. Just add the product to your cart and complete your transaction. You can then pick it up at a participating store.

Which stores offer in-store pickup?

All Potvin & Bouchard stores offer in-store pickup!

In-store PickupIn-store Pickup

Why choose in-store pickup?

  1. It’s free! You don’t have to pay any delivery fees.

  2. If we have all the items on hand at the store, your order will be ready in a few hours.*

  3. Reserved parking spaces at participating stores.

  4. Dedicated counter—no waiting in line

How to choose in-store pickup

  1. Go to and select a location as your favourite store.
  2. Add items to your cart.
  3. Select the In-store Pickup option in your cart.
  4. We will send you an email when your order is ready for pickup.
  5. Pick up your order in store!

*Please allow 7-10 days for items that are not available at the selected store. If all items in your order are not available immediately, the store may split your order in two.

Any questions?

Check out In-store Pickup on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Parcel delivery

Enjoy free parcel shipping on any online order of $49 or more before taxes!

Free Shipping

Parcel shipping is free for the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick with any online order of $49 or more before taxes. If your order is under $49, shipping fees will be of $6.99.

For other Canadian provinces and territories (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut) a delivery charge of $45 is applicable for deliveries regardless of the total amount of the order.

Overweight charges may apply for items of more than 70 lb. (31 kg). Exceptions may apply.*

Our Shipping Partners

Your package will be shipped by Purolator, depending on service availability.

Please allow up to 7 business days for your order to be processed and shipped.

Tracking your Order

Once your order is ready to be shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. This number will allow you to track the delivery status of your package on the Purolator websites.  You can track your order at any time by logging into your PB customer account.

*Exceptions : car shelters, large barbecues, bathtubs, water heaters, showers, large patio sets, stoves and fireplaces, trailers, building materials, outdoor power equipment, toilets, large vanities, tiles and flooring, batteries and some paint brands.

Any questions ?

Check out Delivery by parcel on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Have it delivered by a Potvin & Bouchard truck

Shopping online for large items? Don't worry, you can take advantage of PB truck delivery today!

How does the truck delivery option work?

  • It is now possible to select delivery by truck, right from your shopping cart, for products not eligible for parcel delivery, such as garden furniture, car shelters, floor coverings and even treated wood!
  • This new contactless delivery service for online orders is available from Monday to Saturday through all P&B stores.
  • Your purchases will be delivered 24 to 48 hours after phone confirmation of your order.

Take advantage of P&B truck delivery for $65. No need to go anywhere to pick up an order that includes heavy or oversize items!

How do you take advantage of the truck delivery service for your online purchase?

  1. Just shop online and add your selections to your shopping cart.
  2. Choose the Delivery by truck option in your shopping cart. You must have selected a store as your preferred store.
  3. Enter your postal code to verify that you are within a 50 km radius of the delivering store.
  4. Complete your online purchase transaction. You will receive an email confirming the order.
  5. Confirm the date and time of delivery with the person at your store: You will receive a call to confirm the order and delivery within 24 hours of completing your online purchase.
  6. Your order will arrive at your home within 24 to 48 hours after telephone confirmation. Please note that this is a contactless outdoor delivery service. Certain conditions apply; please refer to the Delivery by Truck section.  

Des questions ?

Check out Delivery by truck on our Frequently Asked Questions page.