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Cherry tomato: maintenance tips

Popular for pot cultivation, the cherry tomato is available in several colorful cultivars. Produces a multitude of small fruits with unique flavours.

Maintenance tips: Cherry tomatoMaintenance tips: Cherry tomato

Common name: Cherry tomato


Full sun exposure, with 8 to 10 hours of sunshine a day for maximum yield.


Water regularly, avoid wetting foliage.


Sensitive to cold. Plant when there is no risk of frost, in rich, well-drained soil. For container cultivation, plant in vegetable garden potting soil.


Fertilize at planting with granular fertilizer. During the summer, fertilize with water-soluble or liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks.


Tomatoes should be picked when ripe, as soon as they reach their final colour, which ranges from pink to bright red, yellow or orange, depending on the variety.

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