SUPER FELTAC Thermoplastic Rubber Felt Glides - Multipack

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Heavy furniture can be moved easily with SUPER FELTAC felt pads on a thermoplastic rubber base.

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SUPER FELTAC Thermoplastic Rubber Felt Glides - Multipack
SUPER FELTAC Thermoplastic Rubber Felt Glides - Multipack SUPER FELTAC Thermoplastic Rubber Felt Glides - Multipack
• Durable and soft felt pads. • Move heavy furniture without damaging floors. • Protect all home floors, surfaces, and furniture. • Double adherence strength: the nail offers the best fastening for wood legs. • Use safe lifting techniques to avoid injury;: - Do not manually lift heavy objects; - Care must be taken when installing glides to ensure effectiveness; not all furniture sits squarely on floor; - Check periodically for wear; - Felt should be replaced accordingly. • Application on wood legs 1. Mark point of contact between furniture leg and floor; drill 5/64 in (78 mm) pilot hole and screw in disc (confirm screw fits well in housing to avoid damaging the floor). 2. Remove protective paper and stick the felt on the screw head. • Material: TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), Polyester • Shape: Round • Type of Mounting: Screw-on • Recommended Surfaces: Hardwood/Laminate, Tile/Ceramic/Linoleum
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Diameter29 to 38 mm
Dimension29 to 38 mm

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